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Does Dozuki offer a White-Labeled version of it's community platform?


Customers have asked:

I work at an organization that would greatly benefit from Dozuki's easy-to-use tools and ways to distribute content. But I would prefer to have a completely customized look and feel for my instance of Dozuki. Essentially, we'd like to have our own white label version of Answers and Guidebook.

I've seen some other branded community websites that look to be powered by Dozuki. I really like what you did for them and would love to know if that is a possibility for my company.

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Eric Doster



White Label customizations of Dozuki Guidebook and Answers can be custom-tailored to your organization's particular needs.

  • Full Visual Customization
    • Work with our talented UI team to create a custom HTML and CSS style throughout your Dozuki implementation.
  • Extending the Dozuki Platform
    • Tie in your organization's functional requirements to a deliver a solution that functions seamlessly.
  • Launch a Dozuki-Powered iOS or Android App
  • Customize Your Authoring Workflow
    • Author content in Dozuki Guidebook then export it to Adobe InDesign or your preferred authoring tool.
  • Many possibilities are available — let us know what your company needs

We would love to partner with your organization. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at (646) 397.3624 or at Sales@douki.com.

Edited by: Eric Doster ( ) , Elizabeth Chamberlain ( )

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