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We relish the chance to show off and explain our products to members of the media. Have a question about Dozuki's technology, vision or would just like to learn more about the company? Send us an email an email or give us a call at our offices.

Dozuki does not own the content on Dozuki-powered sites. The individual organizations that use Dozuki's Guidebook and Answers platforms retain full rights to their content– unless they have specified otherwise.

Contact ¶ 

Dozuki headquarters is based in the lovely central coast of California. Although it's tempting to spend all day outside in this paradise, we also love solving problems and answering inquiries.

For direct media inquiries, please contact Eric Doster: eric at dozuki dot com

  • Toll-free phone: 1.866.613.4948
  • International phone: +1.646.397.3624
  • Fax: 1.805.456.0741
  • Address: 1330 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Company ¶ 

Dozuki was a technology born out of need. Our team of tinkerers at iFixit (more on iFixit.) couldn't hope to make a dent in the ever-increasing catalogue of devices mankind manufactures every year. After years of development we ended up creating a platform that not only enabled us to continue to fulfill the iFixit mission– but, will ultimately revolutionize service documentation as we know it.

Mission ¶ 

We believe that documentation needs to evolve. There is no reason why companies continue to push out static manuals that become irrelevant within days of publication. We need a better system: one that creates living manuals that don't go out of style and are as mobile as the users who view them. Dozuki was built to revolutionize how instruction manuals are written and read.

Environment ¶ 

Earth has limited resources, and we can’t run a linear manufacturing process forever. The best way to be efficient is to reuse what we already have! We are committed to solving the e-waste problem by empowering companies, all over the world, to make their products better understood and more serviceable.

Community ¶ 

Dozuki is not just a piece of technology— it's really an effective way to engage users in a community. Whether that community is a small internal team (like, a small business's workforce) or a large international community (like, iFixit, for example), Dozuki can enable organizations and users to work together to build a lasting, useful resource.