Answers captures
tribal knowledge.

Transform everyday problem solving into a powerful knowledge base.

Never forget an important answer again.

A modern knowledge base.
A better forum.

You get great answers from team members all the time. What if you could catalog these snippets of conversation, saving the best for future reference? Answers organizes solutions into a modern knowledge management system, turning everyday problem solving into a long-term knowledge base.

Enchantingly easy to use.

Answers is simple to use, combining the ease of use of forums with a powerful wiki. But don't let the elegant interface fool you—the potential applications are endless: Answers can handle public support requests, share information between team members, bridge content gaps between offices, and much more.

Interact with your customers.
Engage your staff.

Forums encourage people to share and discuss their thoughts—but the conversation devolves quickly. Eventually, the chatter gets in the way of finding real solutions! Answers sets a framework for productive conversations, collating them into an organized resource. The system rewards useful contributions, encouraging productivity with badges and reputation points.

Automatic organization.

Questions and answers are editable—like a wiki—so they get better over time. Answers are sorted by vote, so the most favored solutions are easily accessible. It's easy to group questions by tag or by topic. Powerful search and filtering makes finding things a snap. Answers transforms conversations into a knowledge base with clear, easy to find solutions.

Workgroup collaboration.

Answers is amazing at facilitating team collaboration. Use it internally to share knowledge between engineering and marketing teams. Or give your remote technicians access to experts at headquarters. Wherever they're at, Answers connects distributed teams.

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