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Online Community

Your site comes alive when users are inspired to work together. Help people share solutions and capture tribal knowledge.

Dave Patierno
iFixit User

Cultivate a purposeful community

iFixit—powered by Dozuki—runs a vibrant online community that is building a free repair manual. They're teaching people how to fix everything from electronics to automobiles. The strength of that community won iFixit the Best Online Community Award from SXSW in 2010.

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Give users a home and a voice

Unleash the collective knowledge of your community. Recruit users to build guides on Guidebook and exchange knowledge on Answers. Enable your content to organically improve, expand, and evolve.

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Less noise, more expertise

Traditional forums are too chaotic to be productive. Replace the free-for-all with a meritocracy of ideas. Moderating users and editing content encourages a discussion based on quality—not just quantity.

A powerful knowledge base 

Give users the recognition they deserve

Earning reputation points is a powerful form of self-motivation. Built-in gamification helps you identify the experts in your community, encourages them to keep active, and rewards their efforts with achievement badges.