The Future of
Product Support

Amazing documentation is great marketing. Clear, intuitive, how-to guides take the mystery out of product setup, maintenance, and repair.

Patrick McKay
Lezyne Marketing Director

Product support that works for you

Lezyne designs premium cycling accessories that meet the same standards as the high-end bicycles their customers ride. They used Dozuki to build a support website with maintenance and installation guides that—like the products Lezyne engineers—are in it for the long haul.

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Help 2.0: Customer support refined

Product support shouldn't be a one-way street; it's a dialogue. Give customers an online self-service portal that invites them to exchange knowledge. Questions and comments supply the feedback you need to improve your documentation—so it gets better as you do.

Build a knowledge exchange 

Increase satisfaction, minimize returns

Step-by-step, media-rich guides are a great way to introduce people to your products. Information is power. The more customers understand, the more they’ll love your company.

Make beautiful manuals 

Serviceability builds loyalty

Your products stand the test of time—and so should your documentation. People love companies and products they can depend on. Give your customers manuals that are so good they will be depended on for years to come.

Turn support into marketing

Great documentation doesn't just reduce support costs—done right, online manuals drive e-commerce sales. Dozuki links customers to the parts and tools they need in every guide. Sell your customers what they need, right when they need it.