The Future of
Service Documentation

Not all service docs are created equal. Step-by-step guides are the most effective way to teach people how to do things the right way, every single time.

Jim Brumbaugh
Performance Lab Technician at Crucial

Run smoother, work harder

Crucial, a division of Micron, provides service technicians with upgrades to keep their clients' systems running fast. Crucial's online service documentation has increased part sales and reduced support costs.

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Single-source guides that evolve

Documentation needs to change as your processes do—and those changes need to happen quickly. Edit, expand, and improve guides in one place. Because it's on the web, every copy of the document is always up-to-date.

Simple publishing 

Less text, more photos, better results

Rich media is more effective than bulky paragraphs. Lean documentation trims the fat off your documents and lets you communicate in the fewest words possible.

Make your manuals effective 

Smart documentation saves time

Most service tasks repeat some of the same procedures. With Dozuki, you don't waste time documenting the same dependent steps over and over again on different guides. Each document understands its prerequisites, so dependent instructions can be integrated automatically.

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