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  • Answer to: I can't use the word "!@#$" s-m-u-t

    Well, you learn something new every day! I must profess I had complete ignorance of that meaning of the term, so I just checked my dictionary: the non-lascivious definitions are #1 and #2, and my ignoramus definition is a distant #3. You're right, and we're wrong. Sorry about that. We'll relax the filter. I'll update this once the fix is pushed to the live servers. Update: You can now use the word "smut" to your heart's content!
  • Answer to: API access to Items

    We don't yet have an API endpoint for items, but we should. What information would you like to know about them? If you describe your usage scenario it will make it easier for us to design something that works for you.
  • Answer to: Document all the API parameters

    We've been working hard on an update to the API, 1.0. It should be out soon (I think in a few weeks). It's basically done, but we haven't posted it yet because we've been running it past a few developers to get feedback. Here's the documentation for the 1.0 API. It's a bit better documented than 0.1 and adds support for video, which is coming down the pike. We added ?pretty as a convenience for ourselves—all it does is add whitespace to the JSON response so it's easier to read. (No program calling the API would want to use it.) But I reckon you're right, it can be mighty convenient and we should mention it in the docs. I'll do that.
  • Answer to: Can I have a custom favicon?

    You're right, it certainly makes a difference. Adding custom favicons to the management console is on our to-do list. In the meantime, we can add one for you if you email us! feedback at
  • Answer to: Guidebook data is XML, but can I store and access it locally?

    Great questions. I've got a few answers for you. Is there a way to store the documents locally and to edit and create final PDF files without the exclusive use of Dozuki's web based system? You can export all of your manuals as PDFs. But PDF is a view only format, and it would be great to be able to edit and author new manuals outside of Dozuki. We developed the oManual file format to solve this problem. Can I download the oManual format for each of my guides and edit and maintain using some system other than Dozuki? You can use any XML editing tool out there to edit oManual—there are a good number of options, including XMetaL and Oxygen. Relative to other XML standards, oManual is new, and there aren't many options for working with it natively yet. We expect that to change as adoption increases. We're working with IEEE to get oManual adopted as an industry wide standard for documentation. The only apps available for oManual right now are our open source iOS and Android apps, and they're currently consumption...
  • Answer to: Is there a way to reorder the bullet points in a step?

    There is not currently a way to rearrange bullets inside of a step, although that is something that we're working on. We do have a number of keyboard shortcuts that can help you accomplish most of what you're trying to do.
  • Answer to: Where can I see Dozuki Guidebook & Answers used "in the wild?"

    Great question! I'm thrilled you're excited about checking it out. There are tons of companies using Dozuki, so let me know your exact use case and I'll try to point you at a similar company. Here are some of the ones we're most proud of: 1) iFixit — Guidebook + Answers — The largest online repair manual and repair community 2) Let's Truck — Answers — Trucker Q&A and software support 3) AccuStream - Guidebook - Service manuals 4) Beyond Adaptive - Guidebook - Product support 5) Lezyne — Guidebook — Product support and repair (this site isn't finished quite yet, but it's close) 6) Crucial — Guidebook — Installation guides for RAM and SSDs 7) Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering — Guidebook — Work instructions and machinery training 8) HyperShop — Guidebook + Answers — Product Support 9) Fix-It Club — Guidebook — Common home repair techniques There are lots more great examples. Many of the companies using Dozuki keep their sites private because it's internal documentation. For example, we've got an awesome site that...
  • Answer to: Is there a Photography guide?

    Great question! We've been working hard on a series of photography tutorials. They're not quite done so we haven't released them yet, but you can get a sneak peak here. What do you think? What could we do better? If there are specific things you want to learn that we haven't covered yet, do let me know!
  • Answer to: Does Dozuki support multiple languages?

    Hi Mark, Dozuki has made a lot of progress on internationalization of our platform, and this has included translating to Dozuki into quite a few languages. Currently Dozuki has been fully translated into eight languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Machine translation is available for 80 other languages. Dozuki supports the use of all UTF-8 characters. To check on the status of how translated a language is for Dozuki, visit
  • Answer to: Where do I report problems with the website?

    This is the place! (You can also always email support at dozuki dot com.) I see the problem, and we'll get right on fixing it. We will contact you directly as soon as we figure it out. Update: Fixed! Thanks for contacting us, and I'm very sorry your site was offline for a bit.