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  • Answer to: Repeat of Today's Broadcast

    Hi Sidney, Yes, we definitely provide a repeat of the broadcast in the form of a on-demand replay (which is also higher quality than the live stream). Here is a link to the 5S workshop recording: The 5S Workshop is just one installment in a series that we put out on a monthly basis. If you'd like to make suggestions about future workshop content feel free to email our Workshop Host, Cait Emma Smith, at Cheers, Eric The Dozuki Team
  • Answer to: Instead of multiple pics can I use a video in work instructions?

    Absolutely! On any step in your procedure you can select up to three photos or a video as your visual media. To select a video simply click the video button above the media area when in the edit view. Then you simply upload your video and save the step.
  • Answer to: Can we add non-breaking hyphens?

    I've tracked down the issue: there seems to be some suboptimal logic for the way the code handles wrapping text in this regard. I say "suboptimal" only because if you add a few characters before the offending hyphen it is pushed onto the next line. Alternatively, if you add a remove a few characters the entire phrase is pulled onto the line with the hyphen. This only manifests in the PDF output as far as I can tell. I'll file a bug on this random, wrapping behavior we're seeing here. Please let us know if it continues to affect your experience.
  • Answer to: Is there an offline version of Dozuki?

    While we are open to developing a stand-alone version in the future, this is not one of our current offerings. The Dozuki platform is incredibly secure––even in its baseline package––and our security capabilities can be drastically upgraded on a client-by-client basis, depending on the need. If this is a critical need for your company to consider utilizing Dozuki, I would encourage you to reach out to us at to discuss the potential of a stand-alone version or our high-end security features in more detail. Dozuki is being used in production systems around the world and by Fortune 100 companies who have similar views to your own about the importance of data security.
  • Answer to: What does Dozuki cost?

    Thank you all for your feedback - it's extremely valuable to us. Because of your responses, we're looking at making some changes to our site to explain our basic pricing model. In the past, we haven't published complete pricing for Dozuki because nearly all of our customers' needs are very diverse. However, our platform is modular and with that comes a high degree of flexibility (and variability in cost), as we are able to curate a specific package to fit your specific needs. If you'd like to chat more about your specific needs we'd be happy to walk through the pricing plan that would make most sense for your company. You can always reach us directly at (805) 316-0880.
  • Answer to: Can a single guide be displayed in multiple categories?

    This functionality is easily accomplished with a couple advanced Dozuki features: guidelist and wikilist – both of which leverage tags. With guidelists, you can display a dynamic list of guides on any category page (or other type of wiki page: item page, info page, etc...) simply by inserting following wikitext on the category page: (code) In the example above we should expect to see a list of all the guides that have been tagged with the phrase "power management". You can tag a guide by simply editing it, clicking on the Introduction or Details tabs, and utilizing the tag manager on the right hand column. Wikilists function almost identically to guidelists - however, they are used for wiki pages (items, categories, info pages, etc...) instead of guides.
  • Answer to: How do we pubish guides so that they are visible to all?

    In the introduction tab of your guide you will need to remove the In Progress flag. This flag prevents your guide from being displayed until you remove it. Your guides should be publicly viewable on the category page that you've linked them to as soon as you've switched the viewing permissions from "My Team" to "Everyone". Be sure to check that you're guide is placed under the correct category page.
  • Answer to: Unable to drag and drop images with chrome

    The Issue: I believe the issue you are experiencing is due to having images that require cropping. When an image is uploaded and it isn't in a 4:3 aspect ratio, it will appear with an orange border around it as pictured here: Crop Required: Note: You won't be able to drag and drop the image, it would select it as if it were text. Solution: To fix the issue you need to crop the image by selecting the wrench icon in the top left corner of the image, cropping the image, then saving the image. The image will then be able to be dragged and dropped onto a step. More information about uploading, cropping and placing images on guides and wikis is available in the Dozuki Help Docs.
  • Answer to: Dozuki app is temporarily unavailable, back Wednesday

    The new Dozuki App was approved and is now in Apple's App store! Check out the new App here!
  • Answer to: How is this useful?

    Well, Guidebook IS more than that. Guidebook guides run contrary to the status quo in a couple ways: It's Visual By Design: 1) Guidebook mandates a visual experience. Most tools will offer too much leniency in the creation process: this causes the end user to suffer. Guidebook maintains a consistent presentation for every new guide. It's Dynamic: 1) Most of the world uses a word processor to PDF workflow. It's nearly impossible, at any real size, to effect changes to the static guides: editing, PDF'ing and posting to a server could take weeks to months! With Guidebook, it's instantaneous. It's Everywhere: 1) Guidebook isn't just an online interface, it's also available as an App, embeddable content, Raw XML, automatically generated PDFs as well as via API. To Your Point: 1) Guidebook currently supports only images and text annotations. However, we will soon expand beyond that into video and a variety of other types of rich media. Please, let us know what else you would like Dozuki to BE in the future by voici...