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  • Answer to: Are there sample XSLT sheets for transforming my guide XML?

    Hi Sam, I'm glad you're excited about Dozuki! Dozuki doesn't use XML to turn your Guides into PDF's, so we don't have a default XSLT sheet to give you. We render your guide into HTML, then convert the HTML into a PDF. As an example: 1) A regular Guide can be seen here: 2.1) 3) We make another HTML view of the Guide: 4.1) 5) And here's the rendered PDF, built off the previous link: 6.1) In the short term, there are two good options: 1) Use our API ( to pull your Guide data out of Dozuki and then display it wherever you want, in whatever format and styling you would prefer. In particular, you should check out our Guides endpoints ( 2) Use our Embed Widget, which is linked to from every guide: We've open sourced the Embed Widget on Github (
  • Answer to: What's new in the release for February 6th, 2013?

    New Features: 1) API v1.1 is well on its way, with many new features and endpoints. 2.1) 1.1 most notably includes the ability to write data back into Dozuki. 2.2) Because API 1.1 is so close, we recommend waiting to start new projects until we have released version 1.1, within the next month. If you'd like a developer preview of what API 1.1 will contain, please don't hesitate to contact us. 3) Created a new page view statistics tracking system that is more accurate. Bug Fixes: 1) Fixed numerous security vulnerabilities across the site. Many thanks to the helpful security researchers listed here. 2) Fixed accessing embed widgets for guides that no longer exist. 3) Fixed a case where the Image Drawer was giving a rather unhelpful error message: "Object | Object". 4) Fixed handling of certain fonts in Internet Explorer. 5) Made the ordering of the Permissions, Tags, and Privacy modules on the right side of guide edit pages consistent across all stages of guide editing. 6) Changed some backend text encodings fr...
  • Answer to: Does dozuki support Arabic language

    Not yet. We do have full unicode support, but we haven't done sufficient testing with right to left languages and while we are at the beginnings of our work getting a human-translated version of the interface, we don't have an Arabic translation of our interface just yet. This post has some more information about our internationalization plans. نا قادر على أكل الزجاج و هذا لا يؤلمني.
  • Answer to: What is in the latest release?

    Good question! We push new code changes live about every other day now (without taking the site down) rather than just once a week like we used to. We've had some substantial process and framework improvements that have allowed us to have only about 1 hour of downtime for maintenance in the last 4 months. Bug fixes: 1) Countless fixes to our Translation Glossary and translation framework, both on the site and in PDF's. 2) Fixed some examples on our SSO and other API pages. 3) Fixed a variety of security vulnerabilities. 4.1) Our thanks to the Security Researchers credited here for finding and reporting them. 5) Improved readability in notification emails by fixing some text formatting. 6) Removed a shortcut URL in this format: /Guide/[guideid]/[stepnumber] (which was previously used by the embed widget) because it was causing a bug where guides titled as a number couldn't be accessed. 7) Fixed a bug with the displayed user counts in /Manage/user-info due to the iRobot user. 8) Private wikis are no longer incl...
  • Answer to: What's new in Dozuki?

    New Features: 1) Translation Glossary 2.1) The Translation Glossary allows you to have machine-translated content on your site, augmented by a dictionary file you make, which defines the translation for specific words and phrases for individual languages. 2.2) This feature alone is already saving our customers millions of dollars in translation fees. 2.3) Contact us today to learn more! 3) Finished many months of backend framework improvements which will allow for human-translated versions of a site's interface. As seen when logged into iFixit, the French language is now in Beta. 4) Greatly improved the error messages that our API provides. 5) The titles of guide comments now link back to the step of the guide that the comment was referencing. 6) Category and guide revision history entries now show which user accepted the revision. 7) Category and guide revision history entries now link back to the corresponding Category or Guide. 8) While not completely finished, we've made enormous progress on the new Media...
  • Answer to: Are we supposed to get emails when users comment?

    You should be receiving a daily email summarizing the comments on any guides or Answers posts that you're 'Watching'. We're looking into this, as it sounds like a bug. Re: RSS - When I look at your site's Answers index RSS feed, I see that new comments are still bumping older posts to the top of the feed (ex: FuelGuages: will my fuel guages acct still work?"), as they have been in the past. Do you see otherwise?
  • Answer to: How do I open Store in a new tab?

    We have functionality planned for Item pages which would force the Part and Tool links shown on guides to open in a new window (either all of the time, or only if the Store link would take the user to a different base URL). We don't have anything similar planned yet for the Store link, but could implement it there as well. For each of these examples, what are your thoughts on whether the links should always open in a new window VS only open in a new window if clicking the link would take the user off the site?
  • Answer to: What's in the new release for August 23rd, 2012?

    New Features: 1) New Guide PDF layout! 2.1) Dynamic content layout based on the number of pictures per step. 2.2) Bigger, easier to read text. 2.3) Cleaner and simpler Parts and Tools listings. 2.4) Take a look at this PDF guide from AccuStream. 2.5) Before and After. Bug Fixes: 1) Fixed a layout error in Guide PDFs caused by non-ASCII text copied from other documents and pasted into Dozuki. 2) Fixed an error where creating a new category with a space in its name required you to type the name twice. 3) The site will now correctly display a 404 error page when trying to view the history of a guide that doesn't exist. 4) The site will now correctly display a 404 error page when trying to view a Team Report about a guide that doesn't exist. 5) Fixed a bug that was causing /Answers/Categories to show an empty list on some sites. 6) Fixed an error when recovering passwords on OpenID accounts. 7) Fixed a bug that was preventing email invitations from going out when inviting an un-registered email address to join a ...
  • Answer to: What's new in the release for July 19th, 2012?

    Bug Fixes: 1) Resolved an issue with extra whitespace on the step edit interface Optimizations: 1) Various optimizations to page load speeds Miscellaneous: 1) Redirects for URL's with an extra "/" now will take you to the correct page. 2.1) Ex: Bad URL's such as will now redirect you to 3) The user who accepted or denied a Patrol is now shown on Patrol history pages. 4) Creating a new category from /Wiki now redirects to "/c/" rather than "/browse"
  • Answer to: What's in the new release for July 12th, 2012?

    Bug Fixes: 1) Fixed a UI bug where notification bars would overlap with the Orphans sidebar in the Category Manager. Optimizations: 1) A large number of database and framework optimizations to improve site performance. 2) Various performance improvements to the API. New Features: 1) The help tab is newly designed and animated. 2) For customers with the Public Editing feature enabled, the user who patrolled and approved a user submitted change is now displayed.