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Electronic Work Instructions for Top Food Manufacturers

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Who is Del Monaco Foods?

“Our journey, to be the most trusted food manufacturer in the industry, is the foundation for our sustained growth,” say Vic and Tony Del Monaco, the founding brothers of Del Monaco Foods in Morgan Hill, California. Since 1998, Del Monaco Foods has been a premier service company specializing in custom recipe formulation and manufacturing. And as a Global Food Safety Initiative SQF Level 3, USDA and FDA Inspected, third-party audited company, they’ve built an impressive reputation for their proprietary products.

From paper to paperless

With a wide range of partners—including small and large restaurants, grocery markets, retailers, and manufacturers—Del Monaco Foods knows how essential it is to continuously improve existing work instructions while maintaining a clean and safe production floor. Danell Dow, head of Talent Development, explains, “All of our work instructions were authored in Word. If they needed to be out on the floor, we would usually put them in a page protector and hang them up—inspectors don’t like things taped up on walls.” Dow and the Del Monaco Foods team found a solution for both objectives: Dozuki’s electronic work instructions software.

Multiple departments

Since implementing Dozuki, Del Monaco Foods has written critical content uniquely categorized to each department—from management to sanitation. Not only are they benefiting from better organized work instructions, they’re also seeing higher employee comprehension of those work instructions. Dow says, “Before our instructions were just written, but pictures with shorter descriptions are a lot more effective. I’m more of a visual learner—I think most people are.” In addition, Dow reported a boost in overall confidence when it comes to creating, deploying, and accessing content. “Working in a food manufacturing environment you are out in the production area and you don’t get a lot of computers out there. Being able to access work instructions using a phone or tablet—so much easier.”

And concerning the conversion from paper to paperless, Dow laughs, admitting, “People fight change all the time, but our people are getting it. We’ve provided a couple of tablets, and the teams that are working with those are working well.”

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