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Dozuki Release Notes: November 2016


  • Added a filter called "Newest" to the list of wiki pages in Manage. This filter will sort wikis chronologically, with the most recently revised wikis at the top. 
  • Guide edits that are not language dependent (such as duration or difficulty) are now automatically transferred to any translation of the guide and do not need to be reviewed by a translator. 
  • Added an optional reports index page, called Dashboards, to Manage. 


  • Fixed a bug that prevented video uploads on some mobile versions of Chrome. 
  • Fixed a bug which allowed resizable text boxes to be expanded beyond the page border, occasionally causing the text to be cut off. 
  • Fixed a bug where the browser wouldn't allow more characters to be entered into the guide's introduction or summary sections, even though the character count was not yet at zero. 
  • Fixed a bug where long step titles were cut off in the translation interface. Hovering over the title will now show the full text. 
  • Fixed a bug which embedded videos overflowed their containers on certain pages. 
  • On guides with approval processes, admins and guide approvers can now see the release request signatures and or/or notes while the release is pending and after it is approved. If there are no notes, the signatures will still be visible. 
  • Fixed a bug in which unpublished categories were not displayed int he breadcrumb navigation menu.