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Get a Head Start with Documentation Conversion Services

Reduce Project Time

Whether you’re implementing new software or a new machine on the factory floor, continuous improvement projects take time to get setup before they, well… improve things.

Moving an entire organization’s documents to a new platform is a daunting task. At Dozuki we embrace the challenge; because we know that by moving your documents to our platform you’ll receive immediate benefits, as well as save thousands of future work-hours. To help ease this transition, we offer customized services to help customers convert their documents into Dozuki’s format.

Technically Speaking

Dozuki’s humble beginnings stem from a global need for better repair information. Simply put, things were breaking and nobody was providing quality repair documentation.

Enter iFixit.

Today, we have a software platform that has been painstakingly refined and optimized for technical instructions over the period of 14 years.

As a result, Dozuki has a unique and robust technical background, and our team of technical writers know a thing or two about proper work instructions.

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Case Study: Aristocrat

Aristocrat, a global business that manufactures electronic gaming machines, was faced with the challenge of migrating thousands of pages of work instructions into Dozuki. Their senior technical writer, Steve Neale, was faced with two options:

(a) Attempt to convert a mountain of documents himself.

(b) Hire an intern to convert the documents for him.

We thought about hiring a temporary person to come in and do the work. But I still would have had to review and edit the more complex procedures.
— Steve Neale, Senior Technical Writer, Manufacturing Engineering, Aristocrat Technologies


Steve could have attempted the conversion, but he was also responsible for producing 1-2 new assembly instructions a day; his plate was already full. Hiring an intern might save Steve time, but recruiting, interviewing, and training a new employee creates a whole new set of tasks to manage and be responsible for.


The Challenge with Document Variety

This accumulation of document “variety” is the industry standard. This is a natural result for longstanding companies, certainly not a sign of sloppy documentation practices. Nevertheless, documentation in Dozuki is intentionally standardized, so translating multiple file-types and formats into a single digital format can be a challenging to a new user.

The [Dozuki] tech writers sifted through the documents and brought information over to our new site, while standardizing the format and making it look good.
— Steve Neale, Senior Technical Writer, Manufacturing Engineering, Aristocrat Technologies


Luckily, the Dozuki tech writers are uniquely suited to facing this challenge, and are extremely efficient. With 950 total pages of highly technical documents, our staff was able to convert the first batch of documents in under 140 work hours, averaging 6.7 pages per hour.


Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.45.52 PM.png


Utilizing Dozuki’s document conversion services, Steve was able to reduce his project time and keep focused on his daily responsibilities.

Aristocrat started with a pile of technical procedures that varied in both format and style, and ended with a secure Dozuki site complete with standardized and organized content. Clean and Simple.

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