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Announcement: Microsoft is dropping support for IE 9 & 10

Announcement: Microsoft is dropping support for IE 9 & 10

Microsoft has decided to drop support for their older web browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and 10. What does this mean for Dozuki clients? If you and your associates use Internet Explorer, you must upgrade to IE 11 as soon as possible. Starting Tuesday, January 12, 2016, Microsoft will only provide IE 11 with technical support and security updates. As an alternative for Dozuki clients, we are excited to support Edge, Microsoft's new browser included in Windows 10.

Coming Up: Dozuki Office Hours

How does Dozuki's data capture functionality work? Can I author documentation on my smartphone? Are there offline capabilities for me remote employees? Let's talk shop.

Whether you are an experienced Dozuki user or using the platform for the first time, our team is here to help. Every Wednesday from 10:00AM - 11:00AM (PST) you'll have the chance to chat with a Dozuki consultant! Get your questions answered and your feedback heard! 

*This month we will only be hosting office hours on February 4th and February 25th.

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Dozuki Workshop Series Season One

Want to meet industry experts from all over the world? The Dozuki Workshop Series (DWS) is a growing collection of live, online professional development seminars. The series features experienced experts in technical communication and industry-specific topics. From producing an engaging employee community to preparing for ISO certification, the content in each episode is intended to be innovative and educational.

Season one of DWS is now available watch for free and in HD. Stay tuned for season two, coming February 2015.

Season one episode guide: 

Dozuki Instruct: A place for news, updates and opinions from the Dozuki team.

While getting the word out about the power of (and need for) good process documentation we found that a centralized place to announce launches, tell stories and keep our community informed was needed. 

Today we launch our official Dozuki blog at Want to stay in the loop about Dozuki news? Subscribe to the RSS feed and get all the latest updates as they go out.