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The Dozuki platform is built to give you an innovative and customizable documentation experience. With its cutting-edge architecture, you can to tailor your app to match your company's brand aesthetic.


Creative, Consistent, and Custom 

Never let go—of your logo. You’ve worked hard to establish your individual brand. And from typography to colors, your brand guidelines can be easily recreated on the Dozuki platform. Modify the HTML and CSS style of your documentation portal, so you can maintain that great, consistent look. 

  • Create documentation that is consistent with your unique brand.
  • Display your company logo and benefit from our collection of templates.
  • Seamlessly embed instructions into your existing web presence.

Your Brand, Your Mobile App

Dozuki-powered mobile apps empower you to keep the look and feel of your company’s unique brand. Not only will your mobile app be available to you and your employees on all major platforms, but they can also be custom-tailored to your preferred aesthetic.  

  • Design a mobile app that matches your brand for easy recognition. 
  • Your company’s app could be published to the App store within weeks. 
  • Extend your mobile apps functionality: if you can dream it, we can build it.


Hard-Copy Manuals

Need a hard copy? Your documents don’t have to live solely on a device, like a smartphone or tablet. Our system allows you to automatically generate customized PDF versions of your documents.

  • Design hardcopies that honor your brand guidelines. 
  • Leave your smartphone or tablet safely behind. Bring PDFs into the field. 
  • Include hard-copy manuals with your products for your customers.