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Want to capture key data? And guarantee that your end users are following all procedures correctly? The Dozuki platform allows you to insert customizable prompts throughout every procedure, so you can stream essential information on everything—from quality control to work orders.

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Capture Your Key Metrics

In production environments, quality is key. Because tolerances can get out of spec easily, Dozuki’s data collection capabilities let you keep a close eye on them. Create prompts anywhere within your procedures to capture all the critical information you want from your end users.

  • Easily export data into your preferred spreadsheet program.
  • Monitor quality issues and prevent possible downtime or rework. 
  • Integrate your metrics with popular reporting tools, like Crystal Reports.

Convenient Traceability

With a shifting workforce, tracking which set of hands worked on a specific part or component can be frustrating. But with Dozuki, complete traceability is within reach. Every employee has a unique login and can be tracked by a specific procedure or specific customer order.

  • Don’t waste time hunting down essential employee information.
  • Review which employees are trained for certain equipment or techniques.
  • Track individual customer orders progress—in real time.

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Track Your Timing

Who are your most efficient performers? What time of day is the most productive? Get rid of that stopwatch. Dozuki captures rich timing data every instance an end user performs a procedure—so you can record all of your productivity booms and busts.

  • Create real-time dashboards for all your workstations’ TAKT times. 
  • Review helpful visual records, like leaderboards and performance charts. 
  • Integrate timing data with your existing ERP system.