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Whether you are designing or developing, manufacturing or maintaining, the automotive industry is one of the most impactful, and dangerous, markets in the world. And from ensuring your technicians’ efficiency to maintaining your ISO 26262 compliance, it’s important to have electronic work instructions that effectively satisfy all of your needs.


Dozuki is known for its clean and clear documentation format. In our experience, wading through long, confusing paragraphs filled with technical jargon isn't efficient or effective. And it certainly doesn’t help keep your co-workers safe. In fact, it’s usually detrimental. The most successful standardized documentation is lean.

  • Benefit from a clean, consistent documentation layout
  • Use concise bullets to accurately describe each step in a procedure
  • Highlight key details in visuals with our handy built-in markup tools

Mobile Access

Whether you’re installing trim or checking gap tolerances, you should have easy access to your documentation. Dozuki mobile apps provide that access. And even if you're working offline, your app automatically syncs with updates when Internet connection is restored. You’ll always have the most up-to-date information. 

  • Review procedures and materials in the office or out doing a job on your smartphones and tablets
  • Don't limit your work to places with reliable Internet access—use our offline setting

Traceability and Quality Control

Dozuki offers complete traceability by allowing managers to track technicians’ progress, products—and even collect procedural and quality data. Closely follow everything from work order progress to auditing specific batches with convenient tools that display critical metrics.

  • Trace product defects back to specific workstations and users
  • Display critical information about your production environment on a real-time dashboard
  • Keep track of which employees are the most efficient and which shift is most productive