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Field service technicians don’t always know what they’ll find when getting called out to a job. But they need to be prepared for anything. Make sure your field service technicians always have access to the right documentation in the field—ensuring you have a satisfied customer and no repeat trips. 

Access Content, Even In Remote Areas

Flaky Internet connection is bad. Allowing it to hinder your work is worse. Dozuki’s offline-access feature allows your mobile workforce to access critical service documentation directly from your Internet-enabled devices—even when Internet is unavailable.

  • Save essential content on your device for offline use
  • Streamlined mobile app experience
  • Distribute updates to mobile apps in the field

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Built-in Search Engine

Dozuki’s built-in search engine helps your field service technicians instantly browse for any documentation that can offer support on the job—especially when unexpected things happen. What if a service technician goes out to repair a water leak and it turns out to be an electrical issue? Empower your technicians to research procedures and verify parts and tools on the spot.

  • Avoid costly and tedious followups 
  • Find your entire body of knowledge in one place 
  • Centralize your solutions for on-the-spot demands 

Feedback From the Field

What if you could get qualitative or data-driven feedback from customer locations? Enable your field service technicians to report information on procedures in real-time. Fix confusing steps, seize opportunities for better efficiency, and capture critical KPI’s during calls. With Dozuki, you can prompt technicians throughout procedures—retrieving information you need. 

  • Collect servicing time for procedures in the field
  • Track live progress on tasks from customer sites
  • Get quality metrics reports for specific procedures
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field service technician software collaboration

Expert Collaboration

Your experienced technicians should share their knowledge to the rest of your company. Dozuki helps you facilitate useful discussions for collaboration. Start tapping into the collective knowledge of your field service team to hear insightful suggestions and valuable commentary.

  • Catalogue your technician’s knowledge    
  • Encourage service network collaboration
  • Collect quality data easily