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From standardizing procedures to gathering data on measurements and
temperatures—Dozuki can be adopted to fit any food manufacturing environment.

Efficiency, quality, and safety are of upmost importance in the food industry, and we can help.


See how Del Monaco Foods used Dozuki to boost employee comprehension and keep a clean production floor. 


Controlled Documents

Effective document control is critical to obtaining and maintaining your certification. With Dozuki, you have complete control over who can approve changes.

  • Get instant notifications of changes needing review
  • Streamline process changes with custom approvals
  • Manage revisions and verifications in the same place

Standardized Processes

Procedures can benefit from multiple collaborators—from technicians to division heads. But most document control solutions make improvements tough. Dozuki empowers users to provide feedback—without compromising document control.

  • Gather valuable insight from end-users as they follow your procedures
  • Maintain certification with automatic approval routing

Instant Quality Control

Closely follow everything from customer order progress to auditing specific batches with tools that display critical metrics. Dozuki allows managers to track both technicians and products—as well as data captured during procedures. 

  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Track detailed information—like temperatures, measurements, and timing
  • Keep track of employee efficiency and cycle times

Share Best Practices

Employees should have ample opportunity to share tribal knowledge with the rest of your company. Dozuki provides a secure platform to facilitate those useful, collaborative discussions. 

  • Collect quality data
  • Catalogue tribal knowledge
  • Streamline audits—collect process data as operators complete your procedures