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Moving years of accumulated documentation is a daunting task. With thousands of existing technical documents and new procedures being created every day, Aristocrat Technologies knew they had to both reduce authoring time and manage documents more effectively.  

With a huge variety of products, Aristocrat is continuously producing and revising new assembly procedures, making documentation practices an essential part of their operations.

By using documentation services from Dozuki, Aristocrat standardized hundreds of technical documents, while reducing their project time and cutting costs.

reduction in project time
(from 10 weeks to 4 weeks)

About Aristocrat

Aristocrat is a leading manufacturer of gaming hardware and software.

After producing their first slot machine in 1953, they are also responsible for the advent of the electronic slot machine in the 1960s. Their gaming machines now operate in 90 countries. Aristocrat is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and employs nearly 3,000 people.

Migrating Documentation to a New System

Aristocrat's first electronic slot machine, 'The Grosvenor'

Aristocrat's first electronic slot machine, 'The Grosvenor'

As Aristocrat began their documentation upgrade, they were faced with the challenge of migrating hundreds of pages of manufacturing work instructions, including assembly procedures, safety requirements, parts and tools listings, and more.

As a large company that relies heavily on documentation, they had qualified personnel capable of such a task. That said, with such a large project, the issue was mostly about resource allocation. Steve Neale, Senior Technical Writer, was faced with two questions: “How much of our time is this going to take?” and, “ What are we sacrificing in order to devote ourselves to such a large undertaking?”

Allocating Resources

With qualified technical writers available, their options became clear: either find a way to incorporate this massive workload into day-to-day responsibilities, or, train someone new to complete the project for them.

Knowing that project would be a significant drain on company resources, both options were too slow.

Distributing the workload throughout other daily tasks would mean only few hours devoted to the project each day, with full implementation taking months. Recruiting an intern to take on the project would include a lengthy hiring process, training, and management time. Ultimately, Steve needed to find a solution that fit within his timeline requirements and wasn’t a drain on resources.

Using Conversion Services to Migrate Efficiently

After evaluation, Steve leveraged document conversion services from Dozuki, rather than training an intern or completing the project himself.

Dozuki offers a variety of services to help make implementation more effective, including professional document conversion.

Aristocrat’s first document migration totaled roughly 750 pages and 150 unique assembly procedures. After transferring one large batch of documents to Dozuki, experienced technical writers completed the entire project over just 4 weeks.

If Steve had taken the workload on himself, averaging 2 hours a day, he would still be converting documents 10 weeks later. By utilizing the services provided by Dozuki, he was able to reduce his project time by over 60%.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 8.51.33 AM.png

Built-in Standardization

In addition to reducing project time by over 60%, Aristocrat also benefited from the standardization that Dozuki provides. Most businesses will inevitably accrue a large collection of documents, with no consistencies in template or layout. Steve could tell that several authors, each with a unique standard for instructions, had worked on prior instructions

Guide formatting in Dozuki is intentionally restricted and optimized for instructions and training materials. This format helped Aristocrat bring company wide standardization to their documents at the same time they were being migrated. The Dozuki team of technical writers compiled the various document formats into a standardized format that improves comprehension and increases knowledge retention.

The [Dozuki] tech writers sifted through the documents and brought information to our new site, while also standardizing the format.
— Steve Neale, Senior Technical Writer, Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.

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