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Intuitive Education.

Electronic work instructions for the modern student.

Who is Cal Poly?

California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo has cemented its reputation as a top-tier engineering college. But the school didn’t become the best in the West by doing things the way they have always been done. The lynchpin of Cal Poly’s success is its “Learn By Doing” policy. Students roll up their sleeves and get real-life experience in the field from the first day they step foot on campus.

"Learn By Doing"

Consequently, Cal Poly engineering students aren’t limited to the classroom. Some of their best lessons come on the shop floor where theory gives way to practice. The school maintains a fleet of manufacturing equipment, from laser cutters to CNC machining centers, which students operate, calibrate, and repair

But in order to “Learn By Doing,” those students first had to figure out what needed be to done. That’s where Dozuki came in. As part of a pilot program, student technicians documented, authored, and deployed a comprehensive set of work instructions using Dozuki. Students also authored an editable set of troubleshooting questions and solutions on their Dozuki site’s Question and Answer forum, essentially turning everyday problem solving into a collective knowledge base that will grow for years to come.

Digital instructions on demand

Cal Poly replaced lifeless, imprecise equipment manuals with the rich media and intuitive approach built into Dozuki’s step-by-step guides. As a result, technicians streamlined efficiency, standardized their work, and developed a set of best practices for lean production. With an iPad 2 docked at every workstation, those Dozuki work instructions became mobile. Student technicians work faster, safer, and better wherever their work takes them.

A solid boost in efficiency

Tracking shows that student technicians completed tasks with Dozuki just as efficiently as when directly coached by an instructor. Moreover, users found Dozuki guides convenient to access, easy to follow, and enjoyable to use. Those work instructions paved the way for more effective workers, which meant better overall results.

For engineering professor Dan Waldorf, who oversaw the implementation of the program, the results were significant. He said, “The Dozuki technology will not only save me time, but it will help the students learn better and make fewer mistakes. It is always better to teach yourself to accomplish something, and the Dozuki Guidebooks and Answers provide an enjoyable platform for letting students do just that.”