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Are you ISO Ready?

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Who is CountyLine Tool?

CountyLine Tool is a leading expert in manufacturing and refurbishing cutting tools. As a progressive, female-owned company, and Komet’s first U.S. service partner, they have provided professional tool processing for refurbishment and carbide custom tool manufacturing since 1984. Their mission is to provide high-quality, complex specialty tools that achieve minimal tolerance ranges in a fully automated operation.

With the help of Dozuki, CountyLine Tool has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their work instructions. Creating these work instructions also laid the framework for their ISO certification project.

Streamlined and centralized

Casey Graff, Manufacturing Engineer and ISO Coordinator, explained, “We are doing ISO 9001 certification—and consistency is the name of the game when it comes to ISO. Dozuki has made it incredibly easy to manage and trace our documents. And the fact that our work instructions are always in the same format and in the same location is great. I can’t even explain how much Dozuki has helped.”

Business as usual means wasted resources.

Prior to using the Dozuki platform, CountyLine Tool practiced the same documentation methods that most companies do. They wrote their content in generic authoring tools, like Microsoft Word. Then they spent a significant amount of money printing out and distributing hard copies to their staff.

Dozuki has helped them evolve from paper trails and heavy binders to clean, online documentation. Now, the staff at CountyLine Tool is benefiting from cost-effective, standardized work instructions that are quick to find and easy to distribute. Graff said, “Until we picked up Dozuki, we did not have any way to organize work instructions or any training documents. Dozuki makes our work instructions easy to create, edit, and—ultimately—maintain.”