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Who is MBX Systems?

MBX Systems is one of the fastest growing designers and manufacturers of server appliances and embedded systems in the world. Since 1995, MBX has helped companies in a wide range of fields by providing tailored, turnkey hardware systems. Their mission is to increase their customer’s efficiency by optimizing applications on specialized systems and assisting in global deployment management.

Wikis, Not Structured Enough For Real Business.


For years, MBX used a simple wiki page system to create their work instructions. But that documentation platform wasn’t nearly customizable or controllable enough for MBX”s needs. “Everything was open to everyone internally, but we couldn’t share anything outside of the company,” said Justin Formella, Chief Information Officer. MBX outgrew its wiki-based system when the company wanted to share some of its documentation with third-party, on-site providers, but couldn’t do so securely. They needed a new solution—one that would allow administrators to specify who could and who could not access specific documentation. Dozuki provided just that.

Dozuki's Balancing Act: Flexibility vs. Control

In addition, Dozuki comes prepackaged with features that streamline the creation of effective documentation—everything from built-in markup tools to video integration. But even taking advantage of our many tools, MBX has truly benefited from the balance that Dozuki strikes between customizability and structure. “Dozuki makes decisions for you on how to present docs, and how you can structure your steps,” Justin explained. “And having those limitations actually forced consistency on the docs. It forced users who are making the doc to break up the information and make it smaller with digestible parts.”

Now, MBX can confidently share concise, digestible internal processes with its staff—and be certain that they are sharing the right documentation with specific clients.


“The big thing that justified the cost and the effort of implementing Dozuki was that we’re going to start doing more with our third-party, on site providers. And we need to share docs with them—while also limiting which ones they can get to,” Justin said. “We didn’t want to solve this problem on our own. Luckily, somebody else had already solved it—Dozuki—and we would even get a better interface. That was the tipping point for us.”