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Focusing on Flexibility

Precision Valve & Automation (PVA) provides customer-driven solutions for conformal coating systems, fluid dispensing, and automation products. They’re in the business of helping manufacturers make better products. Used worldwide by industries like semiconductor packaging and medical device manufacturing, PVA technologies aim for flexibility and precision. 

Their international network is vast. So when it came to electronic documentation, PVA had to consider their unique needs.

Dozuki has given us an edge that our competitors don’t have.
— Jackie Giordano, Lead Technical Writer

For years, they created their private and public facing documents in Microsoft Word. But that only created confusion and miscommunication. Jackie Giordano, Lead Technical Writer, explains, “We had Word documents and PDFs piled everywhere. People would make document changes, save it on their desktops, and send it out to customers. No one had the same copy. It was a nightmare.” The nightmare had to end. It was time for PVA to revisit their two primary goals: 1) maintain a powerful customer service workforce and 2) write secure documentation for both employees and clients’ use. 


Consistency and Convenience

“Before Dozuki,” Jackie remembers, “if you asked five different customer service reps about a process—you’d get five different answers.” To ensure that all of their processes were the same across the board, PVA made the move to Dozuki. Using the platform’s visual format, PVA’s customer service representatives now work with clean, consistent information.

But consistency isn’t the only name of the game. Documentation has to be convenient to use. With Dozuki, PVA can gather technical information into a central location and to a central manager. Jackie manages of all of PVA’s process with ease. “As the technical writer,” she says, “I write probably 85% of the content and review the rest. Dozuki allows us to photograph our processes in a way that anyone can understand. All I need to do is ask the service technicians to take a look at the content. They’ll say, ‘yes, that’s accurate’ or ‘no, that’s inaccurate.’”


Tradeshow Triumphs

Whether PVA is reducing rework by creating modular procedures or customizing how users access sensitive documents, they’re authoring content with Dozuki in ways that Word never could. One exciting use is to support sales efforts at tradeshows.

“PVA goes to a lot of tradeshows,” Jackie explains, “and having our content available in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, and feels easy to use, gives us an edge. We have the ability to show someone our support hub on an iPad, a tablet, and a desktop—potential customers are very happy with that. Dozuki has given us an edge that our competitors don’t have.”