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Who is Spraggs & Co.?

Spraggs & Co. is a leading personal injury law firm near Vancouver. With more than 35 years of experience, they represent people injured in motor vehicle accidents. Their mission is to provide justice to their clients—as well as advocate, negotiate, and advise in the event of a trial.

Since implementing Dozuki for internal company use last year, Spraggs & Co. has greatly streamlined their processes and improved employee efficiency.

Streamlined processes, using innovative training guides

Maeghan Sheepwash, Office Support, explained, “We are using Dozuki for employee training guides. We have a lot of deadlines and, in our line of work, there are specific ways our employees have to do things. By putting our processes into online guides, we can ensure a streamlined process—and we can share tips and tricks with each other.”

By using the Dozuki platform, Spraggs & Co. staff can now easily access their company’s standardized procedures, methods, and documentation from a central location. And because Dozuki updates all users to any changes or new content, everyone has the most up-to-date material.

Sheepwash comments, “If someone has a better way of doing things, they can just throw it into Dozuki and share it with everyone, instead of sending out an email or memo, which tends to get lost.”

Knowledge on-demand 

And because all of their training guides are archived in Dozuki’s intuitive system, long-time employees can refresh their knowledge on certain content and new hires can learn it for the first time. “Dozuki was easy to figure out. I just watched one demo video and thought, ‘Oh, okay—no problem,’” says Sheepwash, “Everyone’s reaction has been great.”