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Your electronic work instructions are good. Let's make them great. Learn how from iFixit's Lead Technical Writer Andrew Goldberg and Video Hostess Gwendolyn Gay—the dynamic duo in "Videography Tips and Tricks: A Technical Writer's Crash Course." In this episode, Andrew and Gwendolyn teach viewers how to incorporate videos into electronic work instructions. Whether you are a film novice or brushing up on your existing skills, this workshop includes when to strategically put videos in your guides, how to properly frame shots, and how to ensure constant user success.

This workshop covers:

  • Distinguishing an effective video from a detrimental video
  • Practicing the "buddy system" and co-directing with co-workers
  • Setting up equipment in a studio versus in the field
  • Professional strategies for framing—positioning, lighting, and focusing
  • Storyboarding your videos into appropriately ordered steps
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