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Join Miroslav Djuric, Chief Information Architect of iFixit, on Thursday, August 21 for a crash course on digital photography. This workshop will teach you the basics of composing a good photo, the pros/cons of different kinds of cameras (including cellphone cameras), the kinds of equipment you'd need for your setup, as well as how to work with the lighting/environment constraints in your particular facility.


Miroslav Djuric, Chief Information Architect of iFixit, delivers a crash course on taking professional photographs. Miro is the man behind iFixit's internationally renowned teardowns and repair guides. He has over seven years of professional experience in technical communication and is an expert photographer. Learn everything from composing photographs for technical communication to understanding the market for camera equipment.

This workshop will cover:

  • Communicating effectively through images
  • Understanding different camera types and lighting
  • Using pro tricks, like photographing reflective surfaces or using cell-phone cameras
  • Working with the restrictions in your work environment