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Dozuki Helps Field Technicians Be Prepared - Every Time

Our easy to use documentation tools engage your field technicians in standardized, step-by-step processes. Ensure users have access to the correct documentation while out on a call. With instant distribution, technicians can know the exact materials, tools, and workflows, wherever they are.

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Reduce Repeat Visits

Multiple visits lead to wasted time and unhappy customers. With Dozuki, technicians can easily identify the required tools, parts, and process for a fix before they get to the job site.

By gathering all necessary materials beforehand, your teams can improve efficiency and keep your customers happy. Central documentation management allows you to create, edit, and distribute approved documents from anywhere.

ServiceMax Field Service Study
of companies indicate that excellent field service positively impacts profits and customer satisfaction
June 2016 ServiceMax study of field service decision makers

Dozuki for Field Service Technicians
"Most of our employees are field service technicians; sometimes no one is around them for
over 300 miles. Dozuki organizes all the materials for technicians while out on a call."

Kevin Broughton
IT Director, Sterling Bank Services


Control Document Access

Dozuki makes it easy to streamline work across departments, third-party contractors and more. 

Centralized controls let your management teams make sure the right people have the right access within minutes. Quickly restrict access to certain documents based on groups, permissions, or on a case-by-case basis. 


Dozuki for Field Service Technicians
"As we work more with our third-party, on-site providers, we needed to share docs while limiting
access to specific users. Luckily Dozuki makes it easy to manage that."

Justin Formella
Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Software and Engineering, MBX Systems


Reduce Training Time

It takes valuable time and resources to onboard new employees. Share the knowledge of your best staff with new hires, simply by giving them access to relevant company knowledgebase.

Now, even the freshest faces will have the all the information they need while out in the field.


Share Tribal Knowledge

What if your best people, solutions, and ideas were with your technicians on every call? Dozuki makes it easy to preserve employee knowledge and insights, making brain drain an issue of the past.

When technicians are in the field, they can ask clarifying questions, note inconsistencies, and make valuable suggestions to documentation - creating a sustainable system to preserve the knowledge your teams need. In the end, your customers will receive consistent, quality service from every call.


Dozuki for Field Service Technicians
“Dozuki is the only company with a platform that lets us create guides to ensure our customers feel
confident purchasing our products and ensure they install them correctly the first time.”

Fabrice Sabo
E-Commerce Marketing Manager EMEA, Crucial


Quickly Search In The Field

A built-in search engine helps field service technicians instantly browse for useful documentation that can offer support on the job - especially when the unexpected happens.

Empower your technicians to find procedures and verify parts on the spot.

ServiceMax Field Service Study
of companies risk losing customers if they do not place value on field service
June 2016 ServiceMax study of field service decision makers

Instant Editing & Distribution

With built-in version control and approvals, any updates to existing docs can be monitored by management. Once a document gets the necessary approvals, it can be instantly updated and distributed to your technicians.

Changes are instantly recognized everywhere those documents are being viewed - including PDFs and mobile apps.  


“We used to use Word and Powerpoint docs, taking pictures and copying them inside text fields, saving them, and having to email everything to our service guys.

Trying to update everything at the same time was a hassle. With Dozuki, we get new information, upload it, hit publish, and boom—it’s sent to the right people. It’s fantastic.”

Marty Trow
Director of Operations, International Telematics


View Documentation Anywhere

As customers increasingly adopt internet connected devices, it can put a strain on your technicians, requiring a small army to service them.

Improve customer satisfaction by giving your field technicians access to all relative service manuals and documentation from their tablet or smartphone. They’ll never be caught in the field without the information they need again.


Leave The Messy Word Docs and Binders In The Field

Are your field technicians wasting time digging through binders to find the correct service documentation?

Have you ever been frustrated trying to update and distribute paper manuals to your teams? 

Our paperless platform provides your users with an end-to-end electronic process, and makes control easy.

Schedule a demo with our field service documentation specialists today to learn more about how Dozuki can help your teams create, manage, and deliver documentation to keep your customers happy.

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