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Operator View

Helping your teams follow standard company processes while capturing key data.


Stop struggling to make users follow work instructions, and start improving your
business with real-time analytics.




Keep your teams focused.

Paper is often difficult to access, costly to replace, and easy to ignore.

Operator View keeps users on track with a clear, step-by-step display, complete with customizable data capture prompts.



Capture and analyze key data in one place.

The data you get from disconnected paper and digital systems only shows you part of the picture.

Operator View goes beyond traditional work instructions and checklists to provide reporting on timing, quality issues, sign-offs, and more.




View real-time insights.

Easy to configure dashboards let you drill into the metrics that matter most.

Know exactly how your teams are performing so you can identify opportunities for growth, and make informed decisions.



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Welcome to Industry 4.0

Work Instruction Software
for Your Entire Team

Photos & Videos
Promote consistency and avoid confusion with native support for photos and videos.


Multilingual Support
Translate seamlessly across over 80 languages, making it easy to communicate with global teams.


Custom Approvals
Gather necessary signatures and reviews, so you can push out updated content—fast.

Mobile Friendly
Quickly publish, edit, or view guides right directly from smartphones or tablets on the floor.


Version Control
Trust that your users always have the most up-to-date versions and archive your work.


Data Capture
Insert customizable prompts and stream essential information with real-time dashboards.