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Is it possible to create add-ons for Dozuki

These days, all software (including cloud based salesforce, all forums etc) come with a functionality where developers can create add-ons.

Looks like iFixit created significant additional functionality.

Is there a way for rest of us to create add-ons to improve the functionality. This way Dozuki will be much more powerful as none of us are better than the power of all of us.

I am interested in adding part store like iFixit. is it possible for us to get the add-on?

Also, I am trying to reach in API to see if any add-ons can be created.

Thanks a lot!

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@bryanwares - While iFixit does get special treatment from time to time (as that is where the Dozuki platform was born) - your idea is intriguing and potentially something we should consider more. But first, can you clarify what types of add-ons you're looking to build?


I could easily suggest 20+ but more importantly, when there is add-on functionality, there is the creativity of 1000's of developers to come up with innovative add-ons that were never imagined before.


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Every possible successful software these days is open for others to code add-ons. I surprise, dozuki is using closed architecture.

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bryan ware will be eternally grateful.