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What external editor do you like to use?

A call to fellow wiki-pages craftspeople.

Unassumingly, it's inefficient and slow to be actually writing the wiki pages in a browser.

So... power users out there, what do you use?

I'm currently on Atom with mediawiki language installed, and the syntax highlighting is OK, but auto closing of pair tags would be nice for one...

Or maybe markdown to mediawiki conversion with Pandoc?

What are your workflows?

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I think most power users have just gotten accustomed to the wiki syntax we support (although, it's not a standardized syntax per se).

The idea of creating a new language file for Atom sounds like a potentially interesting route to go down.

I should mention that we are currently developing better interface controls that'll remove the need to work with the syntax in favor of a better, GUI-based approach.

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How soon will the GUI page editing be released?


GUI-based wiki editor would be awesome!


I actually LIKE syntax. I am just not a big fan of the mediawiki syntax, and of an editor with no syntax highlighting :-)


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The wiki editor is great, you can use this editor.

Duck life

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