How to Hide the 'Insert Wisdom Here' line?


I am trying to experiment with more visual and less talking documentation. The requirement to have some text for each step is making this quite a strange endeavor.

Clearly, the first warning we get is that deleting the last line is forbidden.

Block Image

I am able to get around that (yay) by using some sort of empty wiki code like


So far so good. Now I need to get rid of the empty bullet next to an empty <p> tag.

This should be impossible with pure CSS I think as one cannot target parents - but maybe I'm wrong? Any ideas? Any way to target empty bullets in the system through CSS (which is what I have access to).

Or, any other solutions?!


PS: I understand it's a choice to enforce text, but in some cases, things can be said purely by having great images, and in that case, the text is just tiring people so that they tend to stop reading and then miss some important warning... Less is sometimes better.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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