Left Y-carriage plate
  • Left Y-carriage plate

  • Right Y-carriage plate

  • V-Wheel Kit (8 Pcs)

  • Eccentric Nut (4 Pcs)

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3mm Allen Key
  • 3mm Allen Key

  • No. 8 Spanner

  • No. 10 Spanner

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  • Press the bearing into the delrin V-wheel

  • Place the washer into the centre of the V-wheel

  • Press the second bearing into the other side of the V-Wheel

  • Insert the M5x35 screw through the bearings

No sure if I’m doing something wrong but the M5x35 Allen head screws in the box were shorter…something like 20mm.

Corrie Du Preez - Reply

  • Mount 4 V-wheels to the holes circled in RED with the spacers and locknuts in the V-wheel kits

  • Make sure the V-wheels can turn easily

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  • Mount 4 V-wheels to the holes circled in YELLOW with the eccentric nuts instead of the aluminium spacers.

  • Make sure the notch on the eccentric nut faces away from the fixed V-wheel

  • Check if the V-wheels can turn easily

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  • Slide the 20x40 V-slot profile in between the V-wheels

  • Turn the eccentric nuts with the No.10 spanner to eliminate the play between the V-wheels and the aluminium profile

  • Ensure the V-wheels are still fastened and can turn easily

  • Remove the aluminium profile

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