Spindle Assembly
  • Spindle Assembly

  • 20x80 V-Slot Profile

  • Lead Screw Plate

  • Nuts & Bolts (see next step)

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M5x16 Cap Screw (2 Pcs)
  • M5x16 Cap Screw (2 Pcs)

  • M5 Slide T-Nut (4 Pcs)

  • M3x10 Counter Sunk Screw (2 Pcs)

  • M3 Lock Nut (2 Pcs)

  • Lead Screw Brass Nut

  • M5 Washer (6 Pcs)

  • M5x10 Cap Screw (4 Pcs)

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  • Sharp Nose Pliers

  • Flat Screw Driver

  • Pratley Pratlock

  • 4mm Allen Key

  • Measuring Tape

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  • Place the Lead Screw Plate over the lead screw nut as shown in the picture

  • Insert the M3x10 counter sunk screws (2 Pcs) into the two counter sunk holes

  • Fix the lead screw nut with the M3 lock nuts (2 Pcs) by using the flat screw driver and the sharp nose pliers

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  • Place the Lead screw plate on top of the 20x80 V-Slot profile so that the open holes line up with the two threaded holes in the V-Slot profile

  • Use the M5x16 cap screws (2 Pcs) and M5 Washers (2 Pcs) to mount the plate to the V-Slot profile

  • Add Pratley Pratlock to the screws and use the 4mm Allen Key to tighten the screws

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  • Slide the M5 T-Nuts (4 Pcs) into the two outer slots of the V-Slot profile as shown

  • Place the Spindle Assembly on the V-Slot profile so that the Spindle Plate is 40mm from the bottom of the profile

  • Fasten the Spindle Plate to the V-Slot profile with the M5x10 cap screws (4 Pcs), M5 Washers (4 Pcs) and Pratley Pratlock by using the 4mm Allen Key

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