X-Axis Assembly
  • X-Axis Assembly

  • 20x60 V-Slot Profile

  • GT2 Timing Belt (>450mm)

  • M5 Plate Nut (2 Pcs)

  • M5x6 Grub Screw (2 Pcs)

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Pratley Pratlock
  • Pratley Pratlock

  • Side Cutter

  • 2.5mm Allen Key

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  • Slide the 20x60 V-Slot profile into the X-Axis Assembly as shown

  • Slide the GT2 belt underneath one of the top X-Axis V-Wheels, over the GT2 Pulley and underneath the other V-wheel as shown

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  • Fix the belt at the end with the M5 Plate Nuts (2 Pcs), M5x6 Grub Screw (2 Pcs) and Pratley Pratlock in the same way as previously

  • Tension the belt and fix the other side

  • Cut the belt flush with the Side Cutter

  • Make sure the X-Carriage can move easily

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