CNC Frame
  • CNC Frame

  • Kettle Plug

  • M3 Lock Nut (2 Pcs)

  • M3x10 Counter Sunk Screw (2 Pcs)

  • 2 Pin GX12 Connector (Soldered)

  • Mounted LED (Soldered)

  • Emergency Stop Plug

  • Emergency stop cable

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Sharp Nose Pliers
  • Sharp Nose Pliers

  • Flat Screw Driver

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  • Mount emergency stop cable to emergency stop as illustrated

  • Disassemble the Emergency Stop Plug as shown in the picture

  • Mount the back end of the plug to the front panel with the orange plate to the top as shown

  • Fix the plug with the silver ring and screw the red knob on again

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  • Remove the nut awn washer on the LED

  • Pull the wires od the LED through the hole provided

  • Fix the LED with the washer and nut as shown

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  • Remove the nut and washer from the GX12 connector

  • Insert the connector in the Z-Probe hole in the back plate

  • Mount the connector with the washer and nut as shown

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  • Insert the kettle plug in the cut out provided

  • Mount the kettle plug with the M3x10 Counter sunk screws (2 Pcs) and the M3 Lock Nuts (2 Pcs)

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