400W, 48V Power Supply
  • 400W, 48V Power Supply

  • M4x8 Cap screw (4 Pcs)

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100W, 12V Power Supply
  • 100W, 12V Power Supply

  • M3x8 Cap Screw (2 Pcs)

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  • 2.5mm Allen Key

  • 3mm Allen Key

  • Pratley Pratlock

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  • Mount the 400W Power supply to the electronics board through the 4 holes as shown in red on the picture.

  • Use the M4x8 (4 Pcs) to mount the power supply and add Pratley Pratlock to the screws. Fasten with the 3mm Allen Key.

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  • Mount the 100W power supply through the holes indicated in pink.

  • Use the M3x8 cap screws (2 Pcs) to fasten the power supply and use Pratley Pratlock on the screws. Use the 2.5mm Allen Key to fasten the screws.

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