60mm Fan, 12V
  • 60mm Fan, 12V

  • M4x25 Cap Screw (2 Pcs)

  • M4 Nut (2 Pcs)

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Pratley Pralock
  • Pratley Pralock

  • 3mm Allen Key

  • Sharp Nose Pliers

  • Phillips Screw Driver

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  • Mount the cooling fan with the sticker facing the electronics and the wires facing the power supplies

  • Fix the fan with the M4x25 Cap Screws (2 Pcs), M4 Nuts (2 Pcs) and the Pratley Pratlock

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  • Connect the wires of the fan to the 100W, 12V Power Supply

  • The Red wire connects to the +V port and the Black wire connects to the COM port

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