This guide demonstrates the assets required to create your white-labeled Dozuki Android App.

  1. Title (Max 30 Characters)
    • Title (Max 30 Characters)

      • In Google's Play Store, the Title field is the most useful way to make your App stand out. An effective title will pay dividends when users are able to easily find your app through search.

    • Description (Max 4000 Characters)

      • Breaking up the text into easy to read sections is ideal. Use bullet points, links and space to make this block more readable.

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  2. High Res Icon (512 x 512 32 bit color PNG (w/ alpha)
    • High Res Icon (512 x 512 32 bit color PNG (w/ alpha)

    • Featured App Assets

      • These will only be used if the Play Store decides to feature the App. However, your App cannot be featured without them.

      • Feature Graphic (1024 x 500 JPG or 24bit PNG)

      • Promo Text (Max 80 Characters)

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    • Play Store App Categorization

    • Contact Developer Section Details

      • Website URL

      • Support Email address

      • Phone # (Optional)

      • Link to Privacy Policy

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    • Primary Color (HEX) ­ Action bar color.

      • Make sure that the color you would like to use for your action bar doesn’t collide with your App icon.

      • For example, if you have a black icon, setting black as your primary color will not look good.

    • Secondary Color (HEX) ­ Highlight color.

      • This is used in touch state (the color that fades in when you touch UI elements) and other places where color is used throughout the App.

      • For example, If a user were to click the "browse categories" link in the menu - the button color for that row would change to this Secondary Color.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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