This guide shows you how to change the default language of a guide.

If you support multiple language machine translations on your site, your authors could potentially create pages while they are viewing the site in a language other than the main ("default") language of your site.

If you need to maintain all site content under the main site language, this tool allows you to quickly change the default language id associated with a guide. This tool does NOT translate the guide content; it only changes the guide language id (the view language used when the guide was authored).

PLEASE NOTE: This tool is only accessible to administrative users. Changing the default language of a guide is a serious action that will affect Version Control and other features - be sure you are ready to make this decision before following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the guide page.
    • Navigate to the guide page.

    • Select the "Edit" tab.

    • Scroll down and located the "Language" section on the bottom right corner of the editing page.

      • This will confirm the guide's current default language.

    • From the drop down menu in this section, choose the language you'd like to set as this guide's default language.

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  2. Read the warning!
    • Read the warning!

    • Changing a guide default language is a serious action. Make sure you are ready to make this switch before clicking "OK."

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