This guide demonstrates how to create a guide page.

  1. Click on your username in the top right corner of the site.
    • Click on your username in the top right corner of the site.

    • Select Create A Page from the drop-down menu.

    • If you are already on the category page in which you intend to organize your new guide, you can simply click the Create a Guide button at the top of the page.

  2. Select Guide from the Page Options list.
    • Select Guide from the Page Options list.

    • Enter the name of the category you'd like to organize your new guide within.

    • If the category already exists, it will appear in a drop-down list below the text box. Select the your category from the list.

      • If the category does not already exist, a new category page will be created.

    • Click Next.

    • Enter a Title for your new guide.

    • Add a summary to briefly explain what the guide will demonstrate.

    • If you would like to add other information at this time, such as an introduction or flags, click Show More.

    • Review the Parts of a Guide Page to better understand the various elements that make up a guide.

    • When finished adding information, click Save.

    • Begin creating the body of your guide by creating your first guide step.

    • Click on the Add a Title text to enter a title for your first step.

    • Click on the Insert wisdom here text to enter your first bullet point text instructions.

    • Use the formatting toolbar at the top of the text editing box to format your text or add links.

    • Use the arrows below the text box indent your bullet. Use the + icon to create a new bullet and the X icon to delete the bullet.

    • Click on the bullet icon itself to change the color or icon for the bullet.

    • Select from the color/icon menu to change your bullet point.

    • Click Save to create your first step!

    • Click the keyboard icon at the top of the guide to open a Keyboard Shortcuts pop-up window.

    • Use these (and others listed in the KeyBoard Shortcuts window) to quickly navigate while creating guide steps:

      • Return: Next bullet or insert new bullet.

      • Shift + Return: Previous Bullet or Insert Bullet Above

      • Ctrl + ]: Indent bullet.

      • Ctrl + [: Unindent bullet.

      • Ctrl + D: Delete bullet.

    • Select from either Image or Media to add to your step below the step title.

      • You can add up to three images per step, while video and other media is limited to one file per step.

    • Click the image or media placeholder to open your Media Manager.

    • Click the Add Media button to add a new image or video to your library. Review the Media Manager Help Page for more information about using media.

    • Select the image or media 'file from your library by clicking on it. This will add it to your guide step.

    • If you are using images, you can use the two remaining image placeholders to add up to three images to your step.

    • Click Save to save your visual guide step.

    • Note: Markup cannot be added to videos or other media.

    • Move your curser over your new guide step image, then click the Edit button in the bottom right corner.

    • Select the Markers option from the menu that appears to open the Markup Window.

    • Use the Tool menu at the top left to select a shape, line or arrow marker, then simply click the image where you'd like to add the marker and adjust the size, shape and orientation as needed.

    • Use the Color menu at the top right to select a color for your new marker.

    • Once you've created all desired markers, click the Save Changes button in the very top right corner of the Markup Window.

    • View your new image with the markup and click Save to save it to your guide step.

    • Click the + icon in the Step section at the top right corner of the page to add a new step. This option will always add the new step to the end of the guide.

    • You can also use the + Insert Step button to add a new step immediately after the step you're currently editing, rather than at the end of the guide.


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