This guide demonstrates how to set up custom domain aliasing on your Dozuki site.

Domain Aliasing

Domain Aliasing allows you to assign more than one domain name to one web site. You can have up to three domains pointing at your Dozuki site.

Navigate to your Manage interface.
  • Navigate to your Manage interface.

  • Under Configuration, click on the General sub-section.

  • Find the Custom Domain section and select Edit.

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Select the box next to Use a Custom Domain.
  • Select the box next to Use a Custom Domain.

  • Add a CNAME record, or simply enter the URL you would like to use if you have already added a CNAME record.

    • Some examples include: or

  • Click Save.

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  • This process will vary depending on your hosting services provider. NOTE: You will need to login to your hosting services account portal to add a CNAME. This change cannot be completed from your Dozuki site.

  • Select the Domain you wish to create a new CNAME Record for.

  • Enter the custom URL you wish to use for your Dozuki site in the Name field. This will be the same URL you entered in the custom domain box on your Dozuki site.

  • You may need to include a Period at the end of your custom URL. For example, we entered Notice the period at the end of the URL.

  • The final step is to enter your Dozuki site URL. This is the URL you created when you first signed up for Dozuki. Our Dozuki URL is

  • Click Add CNAME Record

  • Now wait. After making the change, DNS changes may take 24 hours to propagate to servers all over the world. However, usually the change will take effect in less than an hour.

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