It took the Chicago Cubs 7 games to make history by winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years. Dozuki wants to help you make history at your company with these 7 game-changing steps.

  1. Long paragraphs of text take longer to understand
    • Long paragraphs of text take longer to understand

      • Especially for non-English speaking employees

    • Front-load the useful details

      • Assume that your reader isn’t going to slog through an entire paragraphs

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  2. Photos help promote consistency and prevent confusion
    • Photos help promote consistency and prevent confusion

    • Work instruction tools like Dozuki have built-in markup tools to quickly add notations on an image

      • They allow you to highlight key details—like individual screws or special components

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    • People are drawn to instructional videos

      • YouTube has now become the internet’s default how-to authority for everything from computer repair to equipment setup to physics

    • Videos help you quickly demonstrate movements that can’t be captured in a still image, like rotation

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    • Information should be easy to find, no matter how you choose to publish

      • End users hate flipping or scrolling through hundreds of pages to find the one instruction they need

    • Dozuki uses Amazon Web Services to index every document's title, subtitles, and body text, to provide the best searchability

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    • Digital work instructions allow users to instantly receive updates of new versions, archive old ones, and restrict access based on user permissions.

    • Make sure teams are working from the right document, every time.

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    • Dozuki allows for data capture which means you can track:

      • Employee performance

      • Process and cycle times

      • Product quality and critical allowances

    • Consider hiring Theo Epstein

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    • If you are ready to make your own work instructions history, schedule a free demo to see Dozuki in action!

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