This guide demonstrates how to enable FileVault disk encryption.

  1. Open up your System Preferences pane
    • Open up your System Preferences pane

    • Locate the Security & Privacy Icon and select it

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    • Navigate to Security and Privacy.

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    • If FileVault is not enabled you will see File Vaut is turned off for the disk <your disk name>.

    • To enable FileVault select the lock icon in the bottom left corner of the window.

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    • A dialogue box will appear.

    • Enter your login username and password to authenticate.

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    • Now the lock icon should have changed to to an unlocked icon

    • The Turn On FileVault... button should be clickable, go ahead and click it

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    • Your unique key should be displayed. Be sure to record it somewhere.

    • Click continue.

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    • You will be prompted whether to store your key with Apple or not.

    • If you choose to store it with Apple- you will need to choose 3 security questions and provide answers for each.

    • If you lose your key Apple will require these questions to give you your key.

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    • Make sure you lock to prevent further changes.

    Good stuff! I have learned a lot.

    Paulo - Reply

    Good stuff! I learned a lot.

    Paulo - Reply

    • Lastly, you will need to restart your machine to implement disk encryption.

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