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Below are some of the general topics we discuss during our training sessions. The specific subject matter varies from customer to customer, as each client uses Dozuki differently. A manufacturing line usually has different documentation needs than a software client that uses Dozuki for documenting procedures.

Documentation ¶ 

Knowing your audience ¶ 

Which employees are you writing the guides for? What is their aptitude level? At iFixit, we write guides so that anyone can use them to fix a device — but that level of depth is not necessarily required for every Dozuki customer.

Creating accounts and teams, starting a guide ¶ 

A great place to start for those who've never used Dozuki before, but this step can be skipped if the client is already underway.

The concept of prerequisites ¶ 

Probably the most difficult aspect of the system, so it deserves its own section.

Shakespeare vs. TXTing ¶ 

Process documentation is usually neither; the author has to strike a fine balance between brevity and thorough explanation.

Conveying action properly; using hands in photos ¶ 

Creating images from the user’s point of view can sometimes be tricky, so we go into detail on how to create images properly.

Using markup ¶ 

Bullets, squares, circles, and warnings: there are several different types, so we’ll explore when to use what, and when the step is fine without any.

Taking videos ¶ 

A video can sometimes work wonders for a particular step of a guide, or serve as a great overview.

Equipment ¶ 

Lighting best practices ¶ 

Cameras are important, but lights can make or break an image.

Which camera is best for you? ¶ 

SLR? Point-and-shoot? All depends on the usage case.

Camera settings ¶ 

Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance are the ingredients to a clear image that conveys your information properly.

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