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Overview ¶ 

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The Configuration section opens by default when you access the Management Console. Most of the content on your homepage will be covered under the General category, as well as some of the features that apply to all aspects of the community.

General ¶ 

Plan ¶ 

This shows what Dozuki plan you have.

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Title ¶ 

This is what your site will be shown as. Choose your company, organization, or project name so people will recognize your guides.

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At any time you may use the edit button to change the title, but don't do this so often that people will never be able to remember who you are.

Description ¶ 

Use this space to tell people about who you are and what you do. Give a brief overview of your products and services.

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Homepage ¶ 

The Homepage field is used to automatically direct your viewers to either your Guides or Answers content when they arrive on your site.

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If your site focuses on providing step-by-step instructions, you will want viewers to be automatically directed to your Guides. If your site focuses on providing a community Q&A forum, you will want viewers to be automatically directed to Answers. To change your primary homepage, select either "Guidebook" or "Answers" from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the "Edit" button.

Custom Domain ¶ 

This feature is only available for paid sites.

Want to have your own custom domain name? No problem. Simply take advantage of the custom domain setting in your Management Console. To take advantage of the custom domain setting you must already own the domain that you would like your Dozuki site to appear as.

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Note: A CNAME entry needs to be added to your DNS (Domain Name Service) before you can enable your custom domain. To add a CNAME, you will have to follow procedures outlined by the domain registrar company you purchased your domain name from. Once you have added your CNAME entry, you can use it on your Dozuki site.

DNS changes may take 24 hours to propagate to servers all over the world.

Alternate Domain Aliases ¶ 

This feature is only available for paid sites.

You can set up as many as three alternate domain aliases for your Dozuki site. As with a custom domain name, you must already own the domain for this feature to work.

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To set up an alternate domain alias, visit your Management Console and click "Edit" in the corresponding section. Type the desired alternate domain alias into the field and hit "Save". DNS changes may take 24 hours to propagate to servers all over the world.

How Does It Work?

Here's how alternate domain aliasing works: Let's say the alternate domain alias you've selected is Once you start using this feature, any user who attempts to visit will wind up on your Dozuki site.

Sounds a lot like a custom domain name, right? Well, there is one main difference: an alternate domain alias simply redirects all incoming traffic to your Dozuki site. So, instead of the alternate domain alias appearing in the URL, users will see the either the default Dozuki URL or your custom domain name (if enabled).

This feature is particularly helpful if you want to want to pipe all the traffic from several different URLs onto your Dozuki site.

Include a link to your online store on every page by entering its URL here. A link to "store" will show up in the header of each page.

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Google Analytics ¶ 

Use Google Analytics to get statistics about users on your site. Simply enter your Google Analytics key and Dozuki will report information to your Google Analytics account.

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Private Messaging ¶ 

Allow your users to communicate one-on-one in Dozuki through a system of private messages.

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To enable this feature, click "Edit", select the checkbox that says "Allow users to send messages to other users", and click "Save".

Mobile Apps ¶ 

Want your users to be able to access your documentation wherever they are? Enable the viewing of your documentation on the Dozuki mobile apps by clicking "Edit", selecting the check box that says "Include my site in the Dozuki mobile apps", and clicking "Save".

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Persistent API Token ¶ 

Need constant access to Dozuki's API? Get a persistent API token and have automated access to the content of your site.

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Note: To enable this feature, please contact your Dozuki account representative.

This allows you to display or hide the view statistics for your site in the site footer.

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Guides ¶ 

Default Guide Conclusion ¶ 

Guide authors are able to feature a message that appears at the end of their guides on an individual basis, but you can decide what message will appear by default.

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Automatic Guide Titles ¶ 

Use the drop-down menu to enable or disable automatic guide titles. When enabled, a title will be automatically generated for your guide after the required fields on the Edit Information page are filled out. When disabled, guide authors will have to fill out titles manually for all guides.

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Show Guides in All Languages ¶ 

Choose how you'd like your guides to display on your categories, based on the language of the guide.

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Default Setting:

Guides will always display if they match the site default language. Guides written in other languages will only be visible when users are viewing the site in that same language.

  • For example, if you have a category with 1 English guide, 1 Spanish guide and 1 German guide and your site default language is English, your users will see the following:
    • In English, only the English guide.
    • In Spanish, the English guide and the Spanish guide.
    • In German, the English guide and the German guide.

Show All Languages:

If you check the box, all guides in the category will display under any language that is selected for viewing.

  • For example, if you have a category with 1 English guide, 1 Spanish guide and 1 German guide and your site default language is English, your users will see the following:
    • In English, all 3 guides.
    • In Spanish, all 3 guides.
    • In German, all 3 guides.

Guide Groups ¶ 

Select the various guide types that will be available to authors to use. These groups help organize your guides and make the subject of a guide clearer. A community that features a wide variety of content may want to make more guide types available, while most sites will only need the default "How-To" guides.

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Site Language Options ¶ 

If you have multilingual features activated on your site, you are able to select which languages to display for user's viewing options.

For more information about multilingual tools and translation, see the Languages help page.

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Customize Work Order # ¶ 

You can customize the default "Work Order #" field that displays when your users begin Operator View.

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User Session Maximum ¶ 

Set the maximum amount of time you'd like to set for your users to be logged in the site before being forced to log back in with their user credentials.

This time limit is set in seconds. The default is represented as "0" but the default is actually set to 7,905,600 seconds (3 months).

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Maximum Video Length ¶ 

You can set your maximum video length within the range of 30 seconds to 300 seconds (5 minutes). Limiting your users to shorter videos can improve your guides, so keep this in mind before changing the default from 30 seconds.

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Answers ¶ 

The Management Console allows administrators to control some aspects of the Answers community with just the click of a button.

Example Category ¶ 

Help the members of your community decide what category their question should belong in by providing an example.

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Example Question ¶ 

To help members of your community ask good questions, give them an example to follow. The better your default question is, the more likely that you will have better questions asked in your Answers community.

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Enforce Guidelines ¶ 

Set the tone for your community. When you enable this feature, users are required to agree to the Community Guidelines before they can post a new question. These guidelines tell the user in detail how to ask a good question, as well as what types of questions, are appropriate.

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Require Reputation to Comment ¶ 

You have the option to keep users from commenting on questions and answers until they reach 20 reputation. Or if you'd like, leave the box unchecked so any community member can comment without having any reputation.

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Categorize Questions ¶ 

The most effective way to organize questions on your site is by category. If you organize questions by category, they will appear on the category page that they are associated with, making the helpful information they contain easier to find and use.

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Moderation ¶ 

Akismet Spam Moderation ¶ 

You can use Akismet to filter out spam content from your Dozuki site. You must provide the API key from your Akismet account.

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Akismet Key ¶ 

This is where you provide your API key from your Akismet account in order to activate the Akismet SPAM filter.

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Document Control ¶ 

The following settings are only available on sites with both the Approvals and the Version Control features activated.

There are a few settings within the Approvals and Version Control features that can be adjusted to accommodate your specific needs.

Allow Authors to Assign Approvals ¶ 

By default, the creation and assignment of Approvals is limited to site administrators. This setting allows you to extend that privilege to authors as well. However, beware that changing this setting means that your authors will now be able to circumvent the entire Approvals System on your site if they are able to modify or remove Approvals Processes from your site guides.

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Minor Release Versions ¶ 

If your site includes the Version Control feature, you will be able to choose whether or not you'd like to be able to publish guides as either Major or Minor versions. By default, this setting is activated.

If you deactivate Minor Release Versions, your published guides will simply not have a recognized "type."

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User Management ¶ 

The settings below allow you to change a few of the privileges certain users have on a site-wide level. For more detailed information about managing users on your site, visit the User Management Help Page.

Team Setting ¶ 

This setting allows users on your site to join or leave teams at will. If you have a public-facing community site, you'll want to ensure your users have the right to create their own teams and invite new users to your site.

If you have a private site for a more controlled environment, such as a factory or manufacturing facility, you may want to restrict your standard users from having the option to join or leave teams at will. In this case, Authors and Admins can create and modify teams and will be responsible for adding and removing standard users from those teams.

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Restrict Author Privileges ¶ 

By default, authors have certain privileges on your site including the ability to view any content that is marked as Private.

This setting allows you to restrict the default privileges of Authors, only allowing them to view Public content on the site.

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