Dozuki Integrations

This page overviews the current integrations Dozuki can offer to add functionality to your site.

Overview ¶ 

Easy integrations allow you to use your favorite tools to build better guides in just a few simple steps! Use media hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo to quickly add videos to your guide in seconds or use Gist to display code, notes and snippets in a clean and clear fashion.

Current Integrations ¶ 

Current integrations include the following embed options. You can use the following tools to insert videos and code snippets right onto your pages and into your guide steps using your Media Manager.

Dozuki supports embedded content through oEmbed format. All you need to do is provide the link and we do the rest!

YouTube & Vimeo Embeds ¶ 

Already have all your videos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo to share with colleagues and collaborators? No problem! Simply follow these easy steps to insert them directly into your guide steps or other pages for users to watch.

Here is an example of a YouTube video embedded right onto this page:

Gist Embeds ¶ 

Include your neat code snippets and notes as step images to give users instant and clear access to your catalogued code library without having to recreate all your hard work.

Here are a few of examples of what you can do:

How to Embed Media in Guide Steps

Future Integrations ¶ 

Up and coming embeds and integrations to add further functionality to our site pages and authoring tools.

Wistia ¶ 

Block Image

We're in the process of building an integration to support Wistia video embeds in addition to YouTube and Vimeo. Keep an eye on our Release Notes for updates, feature releases and improvements to our platform on a monthly basis!

Integration Requests ¶ 

We are always interested in improving our platform - let us know if you're looking for support for additional tools or programs! Submit a Request for a New Integration on our Integration Page.


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