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Release Update: March 2014




  • Finished creating a variety of pull and push Wiki API endpoints
    • You can now programmatically pull all of your Dozuki site’s wiki data out of our system
    • You can integrate your inventory management system with Dozuki
  • You can now prevent your Authors from seeing private Guides that they aren’t permitted to view
  • New Image Markup Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Press + or - to increase the size of your selected image markup. Shift + or - changes size more drastically
    • Press ctrl + c to copy the selected markup, and ctrl + v to paste an identical copy of it
  • Added the beginnings of a framework for changing style on Dozuki pages based on the selected language
    • In the future, this will allow us to improve page layouts in specific languages, making your content more pleasant to view in every language
  • Added users’ guide completions to our API
    • You are now able to programmatically check which guides each user has completed on a regular basis
  • Complete overhaul of the Guide Pages, Answers Pages, and Wiki Pages tabs in the Manage section of the site
    • New, easier to use filter options and a less confusing interface
  • Added preliminary support for Italian and Dutch translations of the Dozuki site interface
  • When completing an guide with required Data Capture fields that haven’t been saved yet, users are auto-scrolled to the required form and the save button wiggles to get their attention
  • Added the ability to track your public-facing Dozuki site in Google Webmaster Tools by adding a google-site-verification meta tag to your pages
    • Tracking your site in Google Webmaster Tools will keep you informed about how your site is being used
    • For private sites, remember that you can use Google Analytics to track internal usage of your site
  • When using a barcode scanner in the Data Capture feature the next field is automatically selected for convenience and speed of data entry
  • When using the Data Capture feature, you now auto scroll to the next step after saving a form
  • Added the beginnings of a framework to attach Wiki Articles to your Category Pages





  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Category Manager to have unpredictable drag & drop behavior
  • Fixed a bug where you could not have a Wiki titled “0”
  • Fixed a minor layout bug beneath the Guide Completion button
  • Fixed a bug where the Guide Completion button was not appearing on the Simple Guide layout
  • Fixed a bug where you could submit required Data Capture fields with whitespace
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the Data Capture Form Builder
  • Fixed a layout issue on Wiki Edit when four or more images were attached
  • Fixed a bug with the display of related Wiki Articles on Category Pages
    • Note the Related Wiki Articles feature is not available yet for all customers, but is coming soon
  • We’ve been working for months on an almost-total overhaul of Dozuki’s Search functionality
    • In a future release, we’ll have a Beta page available for customers who are eager to test out the new functionality
  • Fixed a bug with liking guides in API 0.1



Misc. Improvements


  • Fixed a minor security vulnerability in the Manage interface
  • Drastic speed improvements on the Category Manager, especially for sites with lots of categories
  • Added new example documentation for the Authentication endpoint in API 2.0
  • Cleaned up text inside the Manage interface
  • Darkened links on Wiki edit to increase readability
  • Improved automated regression testing suite
  • Page view statistics are now shown in the footer to all users, rather than just Admins




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