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Release Update: April 2014



  • API Category listings now respect the custom orderings from the Category Manager
  • New app images for the Dozuki App
  • Wiki titles are now limited to 255 characters to ensure consistency
  • Added open source documentation for a new third party API
  • Many icons on the site are now Font Awesome characters
    • Using font characters instead of images means your site is now even more customizable
    • The color and size of these characters can be changed
  • User accounts are now limited to two concurrent device logins
  • Enabled support for .tif image file uploads
  • Guides with work log data associated cannot be deleted
    • Archive or make the guides private to make sure you don’t lose your historical work logs
  • Dozuki sites are now listed alphabetically in the Dozuki App Summaries can now be added to Item pages
    • These summaries will show up in search results once our new search is deployed





  • Fixed a bug in our Media Manager documentation that falsely stated that we accept m4v file uploads
  • Fixed a security vulnerability present in Team Pages
  • Fixed a bug that involved deciding if a category was deleted or not, which caused some categories to not show up
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused revisions to appear blank
  • Fixed a bug that caused some categories to not appear in the Category Manager
  • Fixed a bug in Step Edit where clicking a bullet (or multiple bullets) would open multiple copies of the bullet icon
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Delete Wiki button to appear even if a Wiki was already deleted
  • Fixed a bug where certain videos could not be uploaded into a step
  • Fixed a bug on category pages where merged questions were appearing in the list of questions
  • Fixed a bug in the new Dozuki site creation process
  • Fixed a bug that prevented previewing custom CSS on PDFs
  • Fixed a minor display issue on User Profile pages
  • Fixed a bug in search results where pagination did not work for older browsers



Misc. Improvements


  • Made various improvements to server configuration that resulted in increased performance
  • Changed the Media Manager so that accepted files types are grouped by what type of media they are
  • Improved error reporting in the Management Interface
  • Made substantial progress toward a new search engine
  • Made major progress towards a related Wiki feature
  • Continued to make improvements to our automated testing
  • Minor security improvements
  • Made minor improvements to the spam filters for public facing sites


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Written by Leslie Bloom

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