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Release Update: May 2014




  • Created a new section on all Item pages: Guide References
    • This section shows you a list of all guides that use that particular item
  • Guides can now be made private to both teams and individuals
    • For example, a training guide could be shared with your entire Team of Technicians, and two individual managers, without needing to add the managers to the Technicians team
  • Banned/Disabled Users will no longer show up on Team Reports
  • Related Wikis are now sorted alphabetically by display title, rather than the order in which they were added
  • When adding a redirect from one category page to another, all child categories from the first page are automatically un-categorized
    • The child pages can then be correctly reorganized in the Category Manager





  • All tags on a wiki will be deleted when the wiki is deleted via the API
  • The back to parent category link now displays the custom display title
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally broke the Back to Parent link on Guides
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Item pages to break
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Machine Translation toggle in the languages drop down to not work



Misc. Improvements


  • Ensured that when you delete a wiki, all of the tags associated with it are also deleted
  • Made more improvements to our automated testing suite
  • Improved UI translations in available languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian)
  • Updated API 2.0 responses for /users and /teams/{teamid} for consistency

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