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Release Update: June 2014



  • Released a brand new wiki design
    • Wikis now have a full width, responsive design which accommodates users on a variety of devices
    • Font size and space between page elements has been increased for improved readability
    • A Table of Contents may now be added to wikis via a checkbox just below the “Additional Information” field
  • Expanded our automated test suite’s coverage
  • Translated many more parts of the interface into French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Italian
  • Took great strides towards releasing a new and improved search engine
  • Improved the layout of the Contribute page for public sites
  • Added the ability to give wikilists and guidelists custom titles. See the documentation for more info
  • Updated our SSL suite and now support Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Added a Single Sign On logout endpoint, see more information
  • You can now log your users out of Dozuki when they log out of your SSO system
  • Added a feature that lets you prevent your standard users from viewing guide and wiki histories





  • Fixed some places where Category names were displayed instead of custom display titles
  • Fixed some inconsistent capitalization throughout the Guide creation interface
  • Fixed a bug where “Loading…” text was not visible when browsing Answers’ content
  • Fixed a bug where links in wiki section headings would not display in the Table of Contents
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing users’ profile images from being populated by their Gravatar account
  • Fixed a bug where some Guide Intro previews were not being displayed
  • Fixed a bug where deleted wikis were still showing up in lists of “Related Wikis”
  • Fixed a bug where banned users could sometimes remain logged in

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